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Most people rely on Hollywood for their erotic thrills but what most of them do not know is that Korea also makes some of the best horny movies. Their adult films are not only hot but have some complexities and stories that make them more than just sex movies.

One such example is ’Love Clinic’. It is about a male gynecologist and a female urologist who both are sexually deprived.
1. A Frozen River

Frozen River is a gritty drama about the kind of desperation that can make good people do bad things. It details the plight of two disenfranchised women who pool their wits and wiles to survive. Although it is not a romance, it does show the power of female friendship in an unforgiving world. It also details how much of an effect economic crisis can have on families and the human cost that can come with it.

Eun-soo is a former child actress who recently returned to Korea and fell for a fake rental listing of Jung-woo’s apartment. She reveals to him that she is a screenwriter and finds herself helping him out with his production “An Officer and a Nurse”.

Despite his bed ridden father’s protests, Jung-woo continues with his erotic films, hoping to bring the Korean film industry to the international level. Soon, paparazzi catch up with them and he has to host a press conference to deny any relationship between himself and Eun-soo. As their work progresses, they start to fall for each other. But can a love between a director and his leading lady survive the pressures of their profession?
2. The Scent

As the title suggests this is a murder mystery/thriller with a hint of pornography. It has been advertised as a sexy thriller and some nudity and steamy scenes do feature but there is a convoluted plot and taut storyline that belies the easy bait of the headlines.

한국야동 is set in 1953. Korea was a patriarchal society and wives were often punished for infidelity. This leads to Kang, the detective at the center of the tale being drawn into a murder case where the dead man’s wife is the main suspect. Kang takes the matter seriously and must protect his reputation even as he starts to develop a real attraction to the woman.

This is a well made and competently made thriller that should satisfy fans of either genre. It would have been better if it had steered clear of the cheap sexy thrills which might have turned off some viewers and stuck to the more serious crime drama elements but it is still worth a watch.
3. Purpose of Reunion

Eun-soo’s fame and esteem are damaged when paparazzi take photos of her on set with her former pornographer director. To make up for it, she gifts him a projector, and the two men reconcile over their mistake and decide to work together again. However, when their production gains international acclaim, their skepticism increases. They soon realize that the purpose of their reunion is to expose Korea’s film industry.

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4. A Good Lawyer’s Wife

The frank and frequent sexual scenes in this 2003 drama from South Korean director Im Sang-soo would have been taboo in Korea a decade earlier. The film follows the philanderings of a middle-class family. Former dancer Ho-jeong (Moon So-ri) is married to the lawyer Yeong-jak (Hwang Jung-min) and mother to his adopted seven-year-old son. But she’s bored and lonely, repressing her own sexual urges.

She sabotages her husband’s film production by showing up to a porn open casting with an actress (Go Joon-hee) and pretending to be a porn actor. But she soon realizes that she isn’t the only one indulging in her fetishes and is shocked by his own desire for explicit films. He tries to persuade her that he can make better films than the erotic ones he’s currently working on, but she isn’t interested in changing careers and decides to stay with him.

A Good Lawyer’s Wife has all the hallmarks of a naughty bourgeois drama, with a polished domestic setting and a gut-wrenching twist midway through that illuminates the social hierarchy of upper middle class Korean society. Moon So-ri is a revelation in the lead role, capturing Ho-jeong’s sexuality and vulnerability with utter grace.

The frank dialogue and energetic sex scenes in this movie aren’t quite enough to earn this film a classification as porn, but there are definitely some explicit scenes and it can be offensive for some viewers. However, the sex scenes are necessary for the film to tell its story, so they should not be taken too seriously. In addition, the sex scenes in this film are not as extreme as those in Japanese small movies, and there is no penetration in any scene.
5. The Handmaiden

As a whole, South Korean films are known for their fusion of genres and their ability to tackle a variety of topics. The Handmaiden is a perfect example of this. It is a period drama, a critique of colonial modernity, and a queer fantasy. The film tells the story of a lady and her handmaid during the Japanese occupation in Korea. It also discusses misogyny and abuse. It also incorporates elements of dark humor and grotesqueness.

The plot of the movie is centered on conman Fujiwara’s scheme to gaslight Lady Hideko, an heiress who lives with her uncle. He enlists the help of her new handmaid, Tamako. The film is rife with verbal tics, as the characters pick up on specific words and phrases spoken by those around them. This makes the film more authentic and gives it an edge over other erotica sapphic films.

Despite the tragic events that occur in The Handmaiden, Park Chan-wook manages to add some lightness to the story. He does this by using humor and grotesqueness to contrast the harsh realities of the situation. He uses this approach in his previous films, such as Stoker, but takes it a step further here. For example, in the scene where Kozuki and Fujiwara are maiming each other, Park portrays the men as caricatures. This adds to the eroticism and makes the scenes more fun.

The Handmaiden is a must-see film for fans of Park Chan-wook. It is a masterful combination of a period drama, an anti-colonialist critique, and a queer fantasy. It is a groundbreaking film that will challenge the viewers’ beliefs and perceptions. It is definitely worth the watch, even if you are not into pornography.

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